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Having competed and won trophies in some of the biggest fitness modelling and physique shows in the country, Jezza has the tools and ever-growing knowledge to help those looking either for a physique transformation or simply to attain a healthier lifestyle.

Having been a keen fitness enthusiast for over 10 years and “practicing what he preaches” on a daily basis, Jezza not only leads by example but with past experience in the corporate world as well, is able to relate to the daily challenges facing many clients and help overcome them. With sporting experience in white-collar boxing, rowing, and cross country as well as continuous research and varied workout routines, his training is always challenging and hopefully fun!

Image of personal trainer Jeremy Worthington at Revolution Personal Training Studios, Islington, London

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At Revolution Personal Training Studios Ltd we offer industry-leading fitness, lifestyle and nutritional guidance for our clients. We can’t control how long it takes for our clients to reach their desired results; timeframes, commitment, willpower and individual circumstances are beyond our control. However, if you promise to bring your A game, we promise our expert personal trainers will try their hardest to help you achieve your goals.

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