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7 Proven Myths of Personal Training

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Posted: 9th January 2017

1. ‘Personal Training is too expensive’
When people say to me that personal training is too expensive, my first reply is usually – ‘compared to what?’  Compared to a gym membership that you buy in January and then only go half a dozen times in the year, costing between £600 and £900 per year? Or compared to paying £20 for an exercise class, with 40 people crammed into a room where there’s no coaching on whether your technique is correct and you have a high chance of picking up long term injuries? Not always, but often it comes down to value and priorities. As an example we had a nurse who trained with my fellow director Giuseppe Di Credico and her income was £25,000 a year. She saved up over one year so she could afford 3 personal training sessions a week for 12 weeks, and she totally transformed her life by losing 3 stone and improving her health immeasurably. Her name is Chantal and you can read her testimonial here, but I’m pretty confident that if you spoke to Chantal she’d say that she’s pleased she didn’t go for the cheap option.

2. ‘I’m not fit enough’
This is a belief that I totally understand and have sympathy for, although that doesn’t make it true. A good personal trainer will always take the time to talk through your exercise history and then assess what your current fitness level is. The reality is that there is no better way for someone who is deconditioned, or unfit, to get in shape than working out with a personal trainer. At Revolution, when people come to us out of shape we spend the first 4 weeks running them through a conditioning phase of training. This means we start steady and look to improve posture, flexibility and make sure we teach you how to do fundamental exercises properly (like how to squat, which initially is with no or minimal weights). Significant changes and results can be achieved in the first 4 weeks of training through improving your nutrition, so there really is no need for any trainer to be pushing you too hard when you first start.

3. ‘I’m too fit’
I have a friend I used to go to school with who is a multi-millionaire, good looking and very physically fit, but before you hate him too much he’s actually a great bloke and a thoroughly decent human being. The point is he always felt that he was too fit to need personal training and that it would be a waste of money for him to bother. This changed one day when I offered to train him as a favour, and when he experienced the intensity and variety that good personal training can provide, he was hooked. Like so many people who are in great physical condition he really appreciated getting 10% more out of his workouts. When you consider that world class athletes have coaches to help them get in peak condition, then it helps to understand how personal training can be so valuable even for the fittest of individuals.

4. ‘I don’t have the time’
Barack Obama trains 4 times per week – let that statement sink in for a second. If the current President (at the time of writing) of the United States can train 4 times per week then I’m sure the rest of us can squeeze in a couple of weekly workouts. Look – I understand that some people are truly busy with work, family, friends and various commitments and if that’s you then please excuse my slightly facetious remark above. Often, for the very busiest people personal training is a great option as it’s a regular appointment that is scheduled in the diary and you don’t have to think. You just have to turn up and train and then get on with your day. I bet we’ve all seen research showing that people who exercise regularly have more energy. The reason we’ve all seen it is because it’s true, and after you’ve trained you’ll have more time to attack your busy day.

5. ‘I don’t like being shouted at’
….and neither do I. I don’t know many people who like being shouted at, and that’s one of the reasons that our personal trainers don’t do it. Having personal training at Revolution isn’t like entering the Marines – it’s delivered by professionals to professionals. We do have an extremely vibrant and unique atmosphere in our studios and our clients have fun, but the tone is always encouraging and never aggressive. In 12 years of trading we have never outsourced the handling of new enquires – if you call us you will speak with either one of the directors or senior trainers. We do this because it’s so important to us that the right client is matched with the right trainer in terms of compatibility, goals and personality.

6. ‘I don’t want to be told I can’t drink wine/beer or eat my favourite foods’
Again, neither do I. If you feel like you’re depriving yourself with a new nutritional plan, then it simply won’t last. This is one of the main reasons that we encourage six days of healthy eating with a seventh day where you are encouraged to eat and drink whatever you like. Aside from the obvious phycological benefits this approach brings, it’s also been proven to have a dramatically positive affect in increasing metabolic rate. For others, this approach isn’t right and many of our clients have achieved great results by having a glass of red wine 3 to 4 evenings per week. We’ll help guide you towards understanding when the right times are to indulge in your favourite food and drink because ultimately a life without great food and good wine is, in our opinion, a life that isn’t worth living.

7. ‘I don’t want to look stupid or feel judged’
This is perhaps the most important of the 7 myths as it’s this fear that holds people back from using a personal trainer and gaining control of their health. For many people, no matter how successful they are in their careers or personal life, when they are in their gym kit they feel vulnerable. My brother and business partner, John Grim, had a hard time at school due to being dyslexic so the whole experience for him was rather unpleasant. Ultimately this had a profoundly positive effect on Revolution as he vowed to never let a single customer walk through our door without immediately putting them at ease. In any Revolution Personal Training studio, because all the customers feel so relaxed and happy, nobody is looking at other clients and judging. In fact, the opposite is true as all trainers and other clients are encouraging and supportive. Don’t let this fear hold you back from hitting the training goals you’ve always wanted to!

Rob Grim



Rob Grim (centre) with fellow Revolution Directors Giuseppe DiCredico (left) and John Grim.



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