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Sara’s Incredible Weight Loss Journey

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Posted: 12th July 2018

Sara amazing before and afterCheck out Sara’s awe inspiring weight loss journey which took her 12 months of focused training with us. What a transformation!


Before I started at revolution I was a 17 stone cliche, kidding myself that I was one of those fat and happy people that diets and exercise just don’t work for. With hindsight I was clearly in denial and within a month of making that 1st terrifying (it wasn’t but I thought it would be) call to revolution there were visible improvements prompting encouraging comments from friends, family, colleagues and even my personal trainer!

At revolution it’s not just about losing weight. My shape is better than it was as a teenager and I can honestly say it never felt that difficult.  To start I could barely barely balance on treadmill and now I enjoy road running!  I’ve enjoyed friendly support the whole way through from the staff at revolution, great banter with my personal trainer and even made some good friends along the way.

One of the most valuable benefits of joining revolution is the analysis of my diet. I was never unhealthy as such but my personal trainer really helped me to shift a few things that maximised the weight loss with a view to sustaining my target weight.

It’s difficult to articulate how much I have benefited from Revolution PTS without getting schmaltzy…they are great guys who do their jobs brilliantly and effortlessly and achieve great results tailored to each individual.   Revolution has a fun and genuinely supportive atmosphere and I can’t now work out why I put off calling them for so long!


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