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9 tips to help you stay lean over Summer

It’s finally the school holidays which means spending quality time with your children and families and enjoying a bit of a rest yourselves.

However, it can interrupt your health and fitness plans when your day is thrown upside down and you’re out of your normal habits and routine.

Here we are sharing 9 easy tips that will allow you to keep fitness in your days over the summer holidays and will help you stay on top of your workout game.

  1. Prepare your exercise clothing the night before so you can jump out of bed, throw on your trainers and make your workout happen seamlessly before the kids are up.
  2. Walk. As much as you can when you can over the summer holidays. Swap your car keys for trainers and get walking.
  3. If you are working from home instead of the office, take advantage and set a reminder to go off every hour and do 15 squats and 10 press ups just to keep the body moving. (Side note: If you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable doing this in an open plan office, then do the same!)
  4.  If you are using pubic transport then why not get off a stop earlier and walk a little further.
  5. When the children are playing in the park, do your own exercise and park bench workouts or if you’re kids are older perhaps you could go for a family bike ride.
  6. If you’re watching CBeebies or any other children’s TV then lie down on the floor and do some ab exercises when the little ones are distracted.
  7. Buddy up. Find another friend/partner/family member who also wants to exercise and do it together taking it in turns to keep an eye on the kids.
  8. Do a workout video in your living room/bedroom by either following along to a dvd or finding one on YouTube that you can squeeze in first thing in the morning or last thing at night.
  9. Just move your body and play with the kids. Get involved with what they are doing and remember to enjoy it.

Remember, that Revolution are happy to for you to bring your children along to your PT session so they can watch you train and inspire them.

(Assuming your child is old enough to sit and watch)

Whilst these sound almost too simple and not that ‘hardcore’, if you find a way of moving your body on a daily basis, and being able to keep that up over the holidays, then it’s the perfect solution for you.

It’s small steps that you can do every day that will deliver the biggest change and impact over time.

Have an awesome Summer!

Rebecca Maslin

Senior Trainer, Islington


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