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Our nutritional philosophy

There are so many opinions about what you should eat and how often that it can get very confusing, and for some people, disheartening. Can I eat carbs after 6pm? Should I eat 6 small meals per day? Or 3 larger meals? At Revolution we understand that the single most important part of any healthy eating plan is adherence to the plan. There’s no point giving someone a complicated nutritional plan if they aren’t going to do it. We set you up for success!

Our formula is simple, tried and tested. Eat healthily for six days and then on the seventh day eat whatever you want. I often hear trainers and nutritionists say ‘when you stop eating cakes and treats and drinking beer, after a while you won’t want them anymore’. Well, I’m going to let you into a little secret here – they are lying! No amount of green vegetables, salmon and positive thinking is going to stop me or most of our clients wanting to eat the occasional caramel slice or drink the odd glass of wine! That’s why, as mentioned above, on the seventh day of the week treat yourself, have what you want then on the other six days stick to the healthy eating plan.

The food plans we provide for you will include quality carbs such as fresh fruit and vegetables, sweet potatoes and oats. Good fats such as avocado and natural yoghurt will be included, and proteins such as eggs, fish and organic meats will form a part of most meals. A reduction in sugar consumption is also essential for weight loss and improved health generally.

At Revolution, we can’t write about nutrition without hearing one of the directors John Grim saying three words: PLAN, PLAN, and PLAN! To clarify what he means – every Sunday, write down and plan (and more importantly, go out and buy) the food you’re going to eat over the next week.

Photo of food
A real client’s weekly food shop


Daily Eating Plan

Here is a typical day’s eating that we recommend to our clients. Obviously the plans vary from individual to individual, but this can be seen as a good guide.

7am – 2 Brazil nuts, 4 hazelnuts and a probiotic drink

10am – 3 poached eggs on 1 slice of brown toast (optional grilled tomato and mushrooms)

12.30am – 1 chicken breast (cooked in coconut oil), sweet potato, carrots, broccoli and half an avocado

3.30pm – Micro whey (protein shake) or 2 hard-boiled eggs

6.30pm – Baked white fish and organic green leafy veg cooked in organic butter (optional small portion of brown rice)

9pm – Herbal tea and 4 almonds

Food for the week

Building on the mantra of plan, plan, plan, below is a list of some of the foods that you will be eating every week. Buying these foods at the beginning of each week will make it so much easier to prepare your meals every day. We have also listed some of the many health benefits of eating these foods.

Eggs – contain 6 grams of protein each and contain all 9 essential amino acids.

Organic butter – naturally high in vitamin A, it also helps with the absorption of other vitamins, specifically
D, E and K.

Pumpkin seeds – high in zinc (particularly important for male fertility) as well as loaded with protein.

Almonds – high in protein and quality monounsaturated fat, which helps to lower blood pressure.

Brazil nuts – contain the mineral selenium which boosts the immune system and is vital for the production of testosterone.

Chicken – contains approximately 30 grams of protein per breast.

Blueberries – high in vitamin C and antioxidants.

Bananas – really high in potassium, which helps to regulate blood pressure.

Sweet potato – our personal favourite vegetable. It’s as slow releasing in terms of energy as oats, and is packed full of fibre and vitamins.

Avocado – contains monounsaturated fats that help lower the cholesterol, and has high levels of fibre so you feel fuller for longer.

Broccoli – packed with vitamin C, which aids with iron absorption. Also high in fibre, which can help to reduce cholesterol.

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