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Our story

Where it all began

Revolution Personal Training Studios was launched in 2005 by brothers Rob and John Grim and their close friend Giuseppe Di Credico. We set up our gym in the prestigious Business Design Centre in Angel, Islington. All three directors had previously worked at a large chain gym and had become frustrated by so many aspects of that business model. From people buying gym memberships and not actually going to the gym, to the general apathy and lack of motivation of the people who did go. Most importantly, we became frustrated that very few people actually achieved their goals.

By the end of 2007 we started to offer 12 week transformation programmes to our clients, and these results have changed the lives of thousands of Revolution clients and indeed the face of the personal training industry in the UK.

The atmosphere in the studio became truly unique and is hard to describe. Fun and friendly banter is a big part of it, along with the camaraderie between trainers and clients. Having two brothers as business partners gives a family feel and also some extra spice when the inevitable sibling disagreements come. Fortunately, the third business partner is a great mediator, but it all plays a part in what makes us different from the competition. Other gyms and personal training studios can have such a clinical feel and we wanted to avoid that. Even now, our clients can’t believe how much they enjoy their training experience at Revolution and how inspired and positive they feel when they finish their personal training session.

John, Rob and Giuseppe on opening day in 2005
John, Rob and Giuseppe on opening day in 2005

How we’ve grown

With a great team of personal trainers developing, in 2009 we doubled our working space by knocking through to the unit next door, and then our goal became to gain more clients and add more trainers. We achieved that and by 2014 we had 17 personal trainers delivering over 400 hours of personal training each week.

Later in 2014 we took the bold step to franchise our business, so we worked incredibly hard documenting all the processes within Revolution. This hard work paid off in 2015 when we sold our first franchise in Brighton. It was particularly important to us to that whoever bought the first franchise would share our values and vision, so we teamed up with Brandon Harris and Alex Cornwell. Brandon has owned businesses within the fitness industry for well over a decade, and his business partner Alex is a young and dynamic personal trainer with a thirst for knowledge. They opened the doors of the Brighton studio in September 2015 and the success they have had has been staggering. Hundreds of 12 week transformations and happy customers achieving goals proved to all of us that what we do could be replicated.


Our momentum continued and in August 2016 we opened our third studio in the City of London in Bury Street, directly opposite the world-famous Gherkin. The excitement of opening another studio was matched by the pride we felt, because one of our long-term trainers Will Cloke became a business partner. This was so important to us because we want to grow our business with the trainers who have helped us achieve our own success. Will became an example to every trainer that works in any Revolution location that if you’re talented, you work hard and are committed then there will be life changing career opportunities.

This new venture wouldn’t have been possible without significant external investment. Choosing the right investor to fit our company was not easy, and we are delighted to have teamed up with Saran Pardeep. Saran is a hugely successful businessman, but the fact he has been a client of Revolution for many years and has become a friend to us is equally important. Saran has delivered so much more than capital, as he has become a mentor to us and is involved in the day-to-day running of the studio in the City. With Saran on board, we are ready to take Revolution to the next level!

As of July 2017, all three studios are thriving. Our Islington location recently posted its record for sessions delivered at 535 personal training hours in just one week. Our Brighton personal training studio has recently trebled their working space due to ever increasing demand, and our City of London personal training studio has beaten all targets set. This has all been driven by what is most important to us as a group – clients of every studio achieving results in a fun, friendly and non-judgemental environment.

We have regularly featured in the top health and fitness publications and are now widely thought of as one of the leading personal training studios in the UK. The success we have had would never have been achieved without the brilliant group of personal trainers that work with us. We share the vision that the most important thing to focus on is our clients achieving outstanding results.

Where We Want To Be

Our plan is to open our fourth personal training studio in 2017 in another London location. This studio will be opened in partnership with two of our long-term trainers. We hope to be making some exciting announcements about exact location and opening dates very soon! We are looking to grow our brand and business by partnering up with trainers who understand the ‘Revolution way’, and franchisees who are aligned with our values and principles.


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