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One of the most important aspects when deciding to undertake personal training is ensuring that you are matched with a personal trainer who has the right experience and skillset to help you achieve your goals.

We ensure that the trainer we believe suits you can train you on the days and times that suit your work and/or family life.

Ele Breitmeyer
Ele Breitmeyer

Ele BreitmeyerPersonal Trainer

Ele has achieved an understanding of combining health and fitness to achieve a sense of wellness.

Ele comes from a varied fitness background – from competing at County level showjumping and netball as a teenager, to studying yoga while living in Australia, marathon running in 2016 and now focusing on physique competitions and fitness modelling.

Ele has supplemented these practical experiences by doing further qualifications in pre and post-natal training, boxing coaching, Level 4 Referral for Special Populations (obese and diabetic clients), and most recently Coaching and Nutrition for Physique Athletes.

This further study of nutrition, combined with previous experience working as a massage therapist, helps Ele achieve an understanding of how to combine health and fitness to achieve a sense of wellness – to help encourage healthy, long-term lifestyle changes to ensure continuing progress for her clients.

Luke Saldanha
Luke Saldanha

Luke SaldanhaPersonal Trainer

He has 15 years’ experience in different sports such as 100m sprinting, bouldering, and Muay Thai kickboxing.

Luke qualified as a personal trainer in 2013 using his own participation within sport as the catalyst to enter the fitness industry professionally.

He has 15 years’ experience in various different sports, such as 100m sprinting, rock climbing, bouldering, Muay Thai kickboxing, boxing and Judo.

His main passion now is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Luke is a very active competitor, currently competing on a monthly basis and achieving several medals both nationally and internationally.

He is also a qualified sports therapist, so is able to prevent and rehabilitate injuries.

Luke draws on his many personal physical achievements and years of practical application as a personal trainer to make training with him fun, safe and goal focused.

Jordan Ferguson
Jordan Ferguson

Jordan FergusonPersonal Trainer

Jordan works with clients ranging from first-time gym goers to active sportsmen and women.

Jordan started working in the fitness industry in 2011 after many years of competing in a variety of sports including rugby and football, as well as several fitness modelling competitions including Pure Elite and Miami Pro. The intense fitness training that Jordan has experienced in order to achieve these results has given him a unique opportunity to know how to clients achieve their desired physical transformations and to grow in confidence.

Jordan works with clients ranging from first-time gym goers to active sportsmen and women, and is constantly striving to develop his skills and experience. He is currently studying Precision Nutrition in order to become a qualified nutritionist.

Hanna Bardall
Hanna Bardall

Hanna BardallPersonal Trainer

A former professional dancer, Hanna has both a sporting and a theatrical background.

A former professional dancer, Hanna has both a sporting and a theatrical background. Having represented Brighton in County level swimming throughout her teenage years, Hanna was later awarded a funded place to train at the London Studio Centre, one of London’s most prestigious dance schools. She graduated with a BA Honours in dance performance. Amongst her dance credits, Hanna was a proud cast member of the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony.

Throughout her dance career, Hanna understood the importance of strength and conditioning training within a gym environment to enhance your lifestyle, no matter what your background. It was during this time that her passion for health and fitness grew.

Also a qualified Gyrotonic Method instructor, Hanna brings her love of training to every personal training session, supporting each client with tailored training programmes and nutritional support.

Jeremy Worthington
Jeremy Worthington

Jeremy WorthingtonPersonal Trainer

He has the ever-growing knowledge to help get you a physique transformation or a healthier lifestyle.

Having competed and won trophies in some of the biggest fitness modelling and physique shows in the country, Jezza has the tools and ever-growing knowledge to help those looking either for a physique transformation or simply to attain a healthier lifestyle.

Having been a keen fitness enthusiast for over 10 years and “practicing what he preaches” on a daily basis, Jezza not only leads by example but with past experience in the corporate world as well, is able to relate to the daily challenges facing many clients and help overcome them. With sporting experience in white-collar boxing, rowing, and cross country as well as continuous research and varied workout routines, his training is always challenging and hopefully fun!

Aaron Brandon
Aaron Brandon

Aaron Brandon-TyrrellPersonal Trainer

Aaron has a background in international level sport, representing both England and Scotland.

Aaron has a background in international level sport, representing both England and Scotland in Rugby Union, and competing in the Under 19’s Rugby World Cup. He has an interest in various sports, and since becoming a seniorpersonal trainer at Revolution, he has participated in a range ofcompetitive sports, from white collar boxing to running a marathon (which he completed in an impressive 3 hours and 21 minutes) and the ‘Tough Guy’ event. A sport and exercise science degree graduate, Aaron has been part of the Revolution team since 2007 and he loves the challenge that comes from working with our varied client base.

Neil McGuigan
Neil McGuigan

Neil McGuiganPersonal Trainer

Neil has a background in international sport, representing both Northern Ireland and Ireland.

Neil has a background in international sport, representing both Northern Ireland and Ireland as a high jumper. He won 8 caps and at one point held the Junior Irish record with a jump of 2 metres and 10 cm. Whilst studying at university, Neil discovered a passion for weight training and quickly achieved success – he finished in the top 10 of the Men’s Health cover model competition, beating thousands of competitors. This inspired Neil to become a personal trainer and help others achieve their goals. Neil’s strengths as a trainer include weight loss and muscle gain, which is complemented by his extensive nutritional knowledge. Neil’s planning of his personal training sessions is meticulous, and hiscontinuous research and use of a wide variety of exercises keeps training sessions interesting and challenging for his clients.

Rebecca Maslin
Rebecca Maslin

Rebecca MaslinPersonal Trainer

Rebecca started working in the fitness industry whilst studying for a degree at university.

Now widely regarded as one of the top female personal trainers in London, Rebecca started working in the fitness industry whilst studying for a degree at university. She has since sought to continually develop herself to become a successful and inspirational exercise professional. In 2011, Rebecca qualified as a Level 4 Master Trainer of Specialist Populations, and it is this drive to constantly learn, develop, research and then implement that sets her apart in the health and fitness industry. She is an all-round sportswoman and always enjoys setting personal challenges with her fitness interests, including advanced resistance training, boxing, running and the desire to constantly improve her own physique. Rebecca has a thorough knowledge and experience of effective exercise programmes and nutrition principles, and she translates that into helping her clients achieve their goals and improve their lives, adopting a personal and committed approach in her training. Rebecca joined the Revolution team in 2009 and loves the atmosphere and friendly professional approach between all the trainers and clients.

Duncan Victorin
Duncan Victorin

Duncan VictorinPersonal Trainer

Duncan has over 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, with a passion for yoga.

Duncan has over 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. He has been a part of the management team in several prestigious fitness clubs throughout his career, bringing his experience to us here at Revolution.

He has a passion and background in yoga, currently completing his diploma in Yoga Teacher Training. He also has experience with NLP and life coaching procedures, giving him an array of skills to help his clients to pursue their goals. Duncan has completed four marathons and numerous half marathons over the years. An avid football man, Duncan has coached for 8 years and to date has 9 of his former players in top level academy systems.

As his experience would suggest, Duncan is probably the most well-rounded trainer here at Revolution, and training with him would particularly suit someone looking for a truly holistic approach to their own health and well-being.

Ollie Vandenburg
Ollie Vandenburg

Ollie VandenburgPersonal Trainer

Ollie has a background of sporting excellence, having represented Middlesex at both tennis and football.

Ollie has a background of sporting excellence, having represented Middlesex at both tennis and football. After earning a degree in sports science from Brunel University, Ollie took the natural step to become a personal trainer. Drawing on his extensive theoretical and practical experience, Ollie has established himself as a leader in the industry in both weight loss and corrective exercise. He continues to push himself with new challenges, most recently when competing in a white collar boxing event with 600 spectators. Training with Ollie is not just a physical experience; it’s also an educational one, as he will help you to understand how your body can perform at its peak.

Matthew CurriePersonal Trainer

As a personal trainer, Matt brings several years of experience in sports and fitness from Australia.

Matt has been a great addition to the Revolution team, and brings with him several years of experience in the sports and fitness industry in Australia. Before becoming a personal trainer, Matt was involved in coaching children in football, basketball and rugby union.

As a personal trainer, Matt has combined all his years of coaching with his ability to be incredibly well organised. This means his clients can rely on him to not only deliver great personal training sessions, but also to provide them with food plans, home workouts and everything else they need to achieve their goal.

Matt is inspiring to his clients within his own physical endeavours, and has played competitively in cricket, basketball and Australian rules football, as well as running in several events including half marathons and marathons. Matt is also a lot of fun to train with, and can be relied upon to deliver that famous Aussie banter.

Frank Lai
Frank Lai

Frank LaiPersonal Trainer

Frank’s fitness journey began 15 years ago, when he joined a Muay-Thai boxing school in San Francisco.

Frank’s fitness journey began 15 years ago, when he joined a Muay-Thai boxing school in San Francisco and lost 35 kilos of fat in 6 months. Frank went on to compete in the Northern California Muay-Thai circuits, with a record of 6-1 in the amateur division.

Frank continued his career as a personal trainer in the US Airforce (Combat Logistic Division), and was co-lead instructor for over 400 enlisted military personnel and 50 civilian personnel in Crossfit and military physical readiness drills, which involves fitness under stress and front-line operation environment.

In the U.K. Frank has worked as a military bootcamp instructor. Specialising in weight loss, muscle gain, Muay Thai/cardio boxing and military-style circuit exercise, Frank likes to push his clients to the upper echelon of their potential and is continuously researching and training with a variety of experts in the industry.

“Fitness is truly a journey and learning indeed never stops”

Lizzie Lind
Lizzie Lind

Lizzie LindPersonal Trainer

With her unique and varied skill set, Lizzie has the ability to work with a wide range of clients.

Lizzie has over 10 years of experience within the health and wellness industry. Spurred on by her own transformation at Revolution, she decided to become a personal trainer to enable her to help others achieve life changing and empowering results.

With her unique and varied skill set, Lizzie has the ability to work with a wide range of clients listening to their needs, quickly implementing programmes and nutritional support tailored to each individual. Lizzie’s passion for people, and her clear understanding of the importance of a good trainer and client relationship, ensures that personal training sessions with Lizzie are physically challenging, informative and overall a lot of fun.

Robert Grim
Robert Grim

Robert GrimDirector

After more than 10 years’ experience, Rob is one of the leading experts in the fitness industry.

After more than 10 years’ experience as a personal trainer, Rob has now become one of the leading experts in the fitness industry and regularly writes for top publications such as Men’s Fitness magazine. Shortly after leaving school, Rob had a three year professional football contract with Nottingham Forest FC. He then spent a few years in Australia where he qualified as personal trainer and was mentored by one of the world’s leading health and fitness lecturers, Gavin Aquilina.

Along with his brother John and friend Giuseppe, Rob set up Revolution back in 2005. Since Revolution’s inception, Rob has always led by example and has fought in two white collar boxing bouts, ran the London Marathon, ran two Brighton halfmarathons and most recently lived our brand by appearing on the Revolution billboard poster with his own 12 week transformation. Rob continues to push the company forward with his stated aim to make Revolution the best 12 week transformation specialists in London.

John Grim
John Grim

John GrimDirector

One of the three Revolution directors, John brings an inspiring energy and passion to personal training.

As one of the three Revolution directors who set up the business in 2005, John has brought an energy and passion to personal training which is truly inspiring. As a school boy, John was a talented footballer and represented both Sussex and Nottingham Forest FC. After leaving school, he found himself drawn to the world of body building and became fascinated at how dramatic changes to the body could be achieved through hard work and dedication. Inspired by learning about training and nutrition through body building, John decided to become a trainer himself and pass on his knowledge to other people.

Shortly after Revolution was established, John discovered a passion for boxing and he soon found it was something at which he excelled. In his very first bout for Hove ABC, John won with a knockout and was also awarded ‘best boxer of the night’ and ‘bout of the night’ by former world champion Alan Minter. By drawing on these past achievements as a footballer, body builder and boxer, John has become one of the best 12 week transformation specialists in London. John is a larger than life character who always has a smile on his face, and the results he has achieved with clients in his 10 years as a personal trainer truly speak for themselves.

Giuseppe Di Credico
Giuseppe Di Credico

Giuseppe Di CredicoDirector

Giuseppe has become an expert in driving clients to achieve results and a mentor to other personal trainers.

As a director of Revolution Personal Training Studios and with over a decade of personal training experience, Giuseppe has become an expert in driving clients to achieve results, as well becoming a mentor to other personal trainers. Always ready to push himself, his background in sport started with martial arts which transpires itself in his client coaching due to his continued search for excellence and perfection.

As one of Revolution’s 12-week transformation specialists, Giuseppe has helped hundreds of clients transform their bodies. Not only has he achieved outstanding results with his clients, but he has also led by example with his own 12 week before and after transformation as well as his personal sporting endeavours, most notably when competing in triathlon events. Giuseppe showed his strength of character by booking his first triathlon event before he had even learnt to swim. He has subsequently gone on to compete in various distance events including the gruelling Bastion Ironman which has been dubbed “the hardest iron distance event in the UK and one for the toughest in Europe”. If you’re serious about transforming your body in 12 weeks, then you’ll be well suited to Giuseppe.

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