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Male Testimonials

Before and after picture of Alex


With the best of intentions to lose weight and get fit, I have tried gym memberships a number of times, only to give up a few weeks later due to a lack of confidence and knowledge to properly exercise in a gym environment. I knew I had to make a change and seeing the giant […]

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"I lost 3 stone in 12 weeks!"

Before and after picture of Ben


In just 12 weeks I took 2 ½ stone off of my total body weight and 6 inches off of my stomach in that time. I’ve taken in all my suits, I’m feeling great and eating fantastic. I train before I go to work and the guys are great fun to work out with. I’ve […]

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"I lost 2 ½ stone and 6 inches off of my stomach in 12 weeks"

Before and after picture of Dr Peter

Dr Peter

As a doctor I know the health benefits that are gained from eating well, being in shape and keeping fit. However just because someone understands this all too well doesn’t necessarily mean that they will follow the advice. Unfortunately I also fell into this bracket. Walking around overweight and quite frankly it was becoming slightly […]

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"I lost a whopping 2 stone in 12 weeks which I thought was impossible"

Before and after picture of Andrew George

Andrew George

So picture this: I was 18 stone, obese, depressed, smoking 60 cigarettes a day and drinking up to 2 bottles of red wine a night. All brought on by the stress of my job. I hated myself for this over-indulgence, but hadn’t been able to do anything about it. I thought I needed to either […]

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"You helped me achieve every single one of my goals in record time"

Before and after picture of Phil


Revolution Personal Training Studios has enabled me to achieve my goals over the past three months. Through a strict but realistic series of targets, an enjoyable and varying schedule and a feeling of community amongst the clients and trainers, I have managed to achieve results that I did not think possible. The gym itself is […]

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"I have managed to achieve results that I did not think possible"

Before and after picture of Moshe


12 weeks ago I weighed 100kg and at a height of 5″7 that’s a heavy! My everyday suits no longer fitted me, size 42 waist and expanding… I was in trouble and had no idea of how to lose or control my weight? I am now 80kg and size 34 waist and seeing the reaction […]

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"Revolution has genuinely changed my life in 12 weeks"

Before and after picture of Andrew


“My overwhelming feeling when I look back over this journey is just how much fun it was! I was expecting it to be a bit horrid, but I can honestly say that at no point did I feel like I wasn’t eating enough or that the gym work was too hard.” Said Andrew, surprised by […]

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"I lost 2 1/2 stone in 12 weeks. Thanks Revolution, what you guys have is very special"

Before and after picture of Armin


“Revolution got me into my best shape ever,” said Armin, who started training with Revolution after he became frustrated with going to the gym for years and not achieving any results. Training hard and sticking to his diet, Armin dropped from 17.5% body fat to 9.3%. “When my six pack started to appear I knew […]

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"Revolution got me into my best shape in 12 weeks"

Before and after picture of Colin


“When I joined Revolution my main objective was to lose weight and tone up. My trainer has not only helped me reach my goals but has taken me to a level of fitness I never thought I could achieve,” said Colin, whose body fat was down from 16.8% to 11.5% in just 12 weeks and […]

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"At a level I never thought I'd achieve"

Before and after picture of Jon


“It only took a couple of one hour sessions with a trainer and a change in diet and the weight was falling off. I feel so much better now!” said Jon, broker at Kyte Group, who needed more energy and wanted to keep up with his two children. Jon lost 18kg in 12 weeks. “I […]

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"The weight was just falling off. I lost 18kg in 12 weeks"

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