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3 Top Weight Loss Tips

1. Plan your meals

Most of us know that we should eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as fish, chicken and quality slow release carbohydrate. So, why don’t we? I believe that it is because we don’t plan adequately. On a Saturday or Sunday, sit down and plan what you’re going to eat over the following week, both at home and at work. Then you can go to the supermarket and buy everything that you need for the week. Most of us know the feeling of not planning and then reaching for the phone to dial for a pizza. Using this planning strategy prevents that from happening.

2. Portion size

Control how much you eat at each meal by reducing the amount food that you put on your plate. It has been reported that portion sizes are now 5 times bigger than they were 30 years ago. After we eat a meal, it takes 20 minutes for the brain to tell the body that we are satisfied and don’t need to eat any more food. Also, when we eat foods that are high in vitamins and minerals, our bodies stop telling us that we’re hungry as we have all the nutrients we need to function properly.

3. Write down everything you eat and drink

At Revolution we’ve had hundreds of clients achieve significant weight loss, and one the reasons for this is that we encourage our clients to record everything they eat and drink, including the time and place they ate.

A recent article by Steve Mitchell, from MSNBC, states ‘A comprehensive study was carried out by Kaiser’s Centre for Health Research in Portland. It found that people who kept daily food diaries lost at least twice as much weight as those who didn’t keep a tally of their meals. ‘Nearly 1,700 Kaiser Permanente study participants agreed to exercise and adopt a healthy diet, but those who took the extra step of keeping track of what they consumed got something of a booster charge in their weight loss. ‘Overall, two-thirds of the study subjects lost nine pounds or more during the six-month study. But those who kept a food diary every day of the week dropped up to 20 pounds, more than twice as much as those who didn’t record their every bit.’ Enough said really.

Free feedback from a Revolution weight loss expert!

If you would like some advice on how you could improve your diet to help you lose weight, record everything that you eat and drink in a week, email it to us at info@revolution-pts.com and we will give you some feedback.

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Rob Grim
Revolution Personal Training London

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12 weeks on I have gone from a dress size 22 to a size 12. I’m fitter than I’ve ever been and now have what I need to enjoy exercise, enjoy my food and stay in my new shape.

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I always say that the only other person who wanted this as much as I did was my personal trainer, but I was motivated and encouraged by everyone at the studio, trainers as well as trainees.

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