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One of the most important aspects when deciding to undertake personal training is ensuring that you are matched with a personal trainer who has the right experience and skillset to help you achieve your goals.

We ensure that the trainer we believe suits you can train you on the days and times that suit your work and/or family life.

Steph PatchingPersonal Trainer

Having been through her own journey, Steph is passionate about helping others reach their goals.

Fitness has always been a huge part of my life and having been through my own journey to get where I am now, makes me passionate about wanting to help others to reach their own goals.

I’ve been working in the fitness industry for 3 years now, and I absolutely love working with such incredible motivated people who are all on their own individual journeys.

Exercise should be about feeling good, achieving things you didn’t know you could. and working on your own self-confidence, Combined with a healthy diet what you can achieve.

You can do anything if you put your mind to it.

Ana CorreiaPersonal Trainer

Ana played football from the age of 10 and started karate from the age of 6 eventually getting to 2nd dan black belt.

I Played football from the age of 10 going into Crawley Town Women’s team and started karate from the age of 6 eventually getting to 2nd dan black belt.

I Always been a sporty individual and enjoyed the competitive side and being able to see myself improving and going up in the ranks for karate especially and getting selected for better teams in football.

After stopping both sports felt a bit lost and fell into bad eating/social habits, Fell into the trap of fad diets and skinny teas and ended up affecting physical and mental health, seeing no results at all and feeling overwhelmed.

I started at the gym, bag of nerves, would hide on the treadmill and go home.

So I started to educate myself on how to lift properly, what exercises to do, nutrition and gained way more confidence whilst also losing a ton of weight and felt so much better mentally! I decided to take my personal training course because I saw how much exercise benefitted my mental health, also saw how much false information is spread and how it can affect people negatively. So wanted to be a part of the fitness industry to help change that!

I Want to help people not make the same mistakes and think they have to move to fad diets to lose weight and be miserable. To realise exercise is a great way to improve mental health and simply by changing daily habits you can achieve a lot! I want to help people grow their confidence in the gym, educate them to be able to make the right choices in regards to nutrition and make them feel happier with themselves.

And I’ll make them laugh at the same time as doing all this which is a massive bonus.



Kalvin CrooksPersonal Trainer

Set the correct foundations, train hard, keep it varied and exciting, and results will follow.

Kalvin has been a health and fitness enthusiast for over as long as he can remember.

Kalvin’s theory towards exercise is simple. ‘Set the correct foundations, train hard and results will follow. Humans aren’t built to move like machines so keep it varied and exciting.’

Keeping up to date with the latest science of fitness and how to implicate it into training is what he excels at. Reaching goals are achieved by hard work, determination and continuous training. Kalvin’s wide variety of knowledge and skill set will ensure your goals are met and surpassed.

George GrahamePersonal Trainer

George's mission is to help as many people as possible change their lives for the better.

George developed a passion for health and fitness at the age of 17 where he drastically transformed his own life and body. He went from an underweight 45kg bodyweight to a healthy and happy 75 kg.

‘My mission is to help as many people as possible change their lives for the better, whether that’s building muscle, dropping body fat or even just improving general health and fitness.

I know through my own experience how great it feels to get the results you want. I hope to give others the same amazing feeling’

Alex CornwellDirector

Alex’s speciality in HIIT training & functional fitness is sure to get you the results you came for.

Alex’s sporting highlight came when he was selected for the England Karate squad at just 15 years old.

His passion for teaching began around the same age as he became a head coach at local karate and cricket clubs.

Alex decided to develop his passion for coaching by entering the fitness industry at Active 4 Less gym in Hove. He quickly became club manager and head trainer of Tribe fitness classes.

Now director & senior trainer at Revolution Brighton, Alex’s speciality in HIIT training & functional fitness is sure to get you the results you came for, while enjoying every minute.

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