Our Food Plans

We have a wide range of food plans that cater for meat eaters, pescatarians, vegetarians and vegans.

Our meal plans have been reverse engineered, bringing together all the experience we have accumulated since 2005 in order to understand the reality of what really works for our clients, guiding them to achieve life changing results whilst also ensuring that results are sustainable in the long term.

Our food plans are designed for people with busy lives and therefore the meals are simple and easy to make, whilst still being tasty and flavoursome. It’s important to note that this is not a restrictive diet where entire food groups are excluded. We have also included an educational section in all of our food plans, so you can gain a deeper understanding on the role that hormones have on weight loss and improved health.

Daily meal plan example

Here is a typical day’s eating that we’d recommend to our clients. Our meal plans vary from individual to individual, depending on their goal and personal calorie requirement. The example below is taken from a 2,000 calories per day weight loss plan.

7:00am Breakfast: Greek yoghurt with oats, berries and seeds
Greek yoghurt with oats, berries and seeds
Calories 492
Protein 42g
Carbs 45g
Fat 16g
10:00amSnack: 2 medium sized hard boiled eggs
2 medium sized hard boiled eggs
Calories 129
Protein 11g
Carbs 1g
Fat 8g
12:30pmLunch: Chicken with sweet potato and broccoli
Chicken with sweet potato and broccoli
Calories 498
Protein 46g
Carbs 65g
Fat 6g
3:30pmSnack: Apple and almonds
Apple and almonds
Calories 259
Protein 6g
Carbs 25g
Fat 15g
6:30pmDinner: Haddock with Mediterranean salad
Haddock with Mediterranean salad
Calories 405
Protein 43g
Carbs 11g
Fat 21g
9:00pmSnack: 4 squares of dark chocolate
4 squares of dark chocolate
Calories 224
Protein 4g
Carbs 7g
Fat 20g

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