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Success stories from July

Success stories from July

We want to celebrate and acknowledge our clients and trainers that rocked their goals in July.
We love to celebrate all health and fitness wins here at Revolution and we are proud of everyone who starts their own journey and achieves something, no matter how big or small.

A big shout out to Sarah who trains with Josh in our City site.

Sarah finished her 12 week transformation in July and as you can see she did an amazing job.

Sarah went from 40.4 % body fat to 29.5% and dropped 2 dress sizes!

Well done Sarah and Josh.

Shout out to Ozzie who trains with Joe at our Angel site.

Ozzie has trained with us for a few years now but has gone the extra mile this year and dropped 2 stone since the start of January and gone from 33% body fat to 21%.

Well done Ozzie and Joe.

A special shout out to a Revolution veteran, Andrew Taylor who trains with director John Grim in Angel and the City.

Andrew won our male client of the year back in 2010 after losing over 3 stone.

7 years later and he’s managed to keep all the weight off. He’s also done lots of 10km races and a half marathon and sees training as part of his life. Truly inspiring – well done Andrew and John.

And of course a special mention to two of our trainers.

Director Giuseppe took on one of the ultimate fitness challenges and completed an iron man after months of training.

He finished the Hever Ironman which consisted of a:

  • Swim 3.8km
  • Bike 180.2km (with 3000m of climb)
  • Run 42.2km (full cross country marathon)

That’s right a marathon after all that swimming and cycling!

And PT Karina from our City site competed in her first physique competition placing 4th after dieting and training hard for months.

A big well done to all our July superstars!

We can’t wait to see what happens this month and share and celebrate all your successes.

Rebecca Maslin

Senior Trainer, Islington

Transform your body in 12 weeks with Personal training

12 weeks on I have gone from a dress size 22 to a size 12. I’m fitter than I’ve ever been and now have what I need to enjoy exercise, enjoy my food and stay in my new shape.

Marina Before
Marina After

I always say that the only other person who wanted this as much as I did was my personal trainer, but I was motivated and encouraged by everyone at the studio, trainers as well as trainees.

Chantal Before
Chantal After

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