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Richard Cotton

I have always played a lot of sport, and have trained at Revolution for many years now. It has always been a professional and motivating place to work out.

The team are able to offer that little bit extra in terms of ideas and expertise, and therefore results that you can’t get on your own.

I have been able to tailor my sessions to event-specific goals, marathon running, iron man 70.3 and full iron man, and achieved results way beyond my expectations. My overriding experience though is of a fun, friendly, laid back and good humoured place to exercise. Training at Revolution is definitely not a chore.

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Richard Cotton


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Bring your A game

Your results are determined by the time you spend following our programmes. Your genetic response to the right exercise and dietary guidance is also key, alongside: how hard your train, how frequently you train, how disciplined you are with following your programmes.

Willpower is essential

Without focus, motivation and determination our trainers can’t help you achieve the results you desire. Don’t lose sight of your goals otherwise we can’t help you achieve them.

Knowledge is power

We work around the clock to stay ahead of innovations in the fitness, nutritional and lifestyle industries. We pride ourselves on our reputation as one of the best personal training companies in the world that consistently motivates clients to unlock their potential. Without our industry-leading knowledge, we couldn’t give our clients the power to make their desired changes a reality.

The Revolution testimonials showcase some of the best transformations we’ve helped our clients achieve through abiding by and staying mindful of these three principles.

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