Personal Training

Personal Training

We have created a friendly, welcoming and completely non-judgemental personal training studio.

This setup allows you to be flexible with the days and times that suit you best to train. Ultimately, your personal trainer will work around you and your schedule to ensure that exercise and wellbeing become part of your lifestyle.

Some clients who train at Revolution are not looking for a 12 week transformation. It may be that you want to drop half a stone in weight, train for a 5k event or simply use exercise to reduce stress.

Whatever your training goal, your personal trainer will make sure that you execute all exercises safely, effectively and with confidence. Goal setting, a personalised training and nutritional plan, and regular evaluation of your progress are the Revolution principles that will lead you to success.

Goal setting

At Revolution we understand the importance of setting goals. As part of your free taster session, your trainer will work with you to help you gain real clarity on specifically what it is you want to achieve and over what time frame.

We will also help you to understand why you want to achieve your goal. Understanding your ‘why’, and making sure your goal excites you, is how to get the power of your emotions working for you.

Personal training

To effectively personalise your training plan, your trainer will take into consideration both your goal and your current fitness level. Your trainer will also take into account whether or not your training plan will need to be adapted due to any injuries or health conditions.

Your plan will include what days of the week you’ll train, which will help establish the all-important habits and routines that will enable you to succeed.

Nutrition plan

We have worked alongside a team of nutritional coaches to produce meal plans which cater for meat eaters, pescatarians, vegetarians and vegans. Our meal plans are complete with a full macro nutrient and calorie breakdown.

Some people find that sticking to the food plans rigorously is the best approach, yet for others simply tweaking what they’re currently eating is a better option. Ultimately, we will work with you to find a nutrition plan that is sustainable in the long term.

Evaluation of Progress

Creating accountability when training for your goal is absolutely vital. A great way to achieve this is by regularly assessing your weight, body fat and body composition which will give you feedback on your progress.

Our Boditrax machine will monitor these composition changes quickly and accurately in a completely non-invasive way. Your data is stored securely on a cloud system and is accessible to you anytime through the Boditrax app.

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Achieve your goals with personal training

Sarah before
Sarah Before
Sarah after
Sarah After

They are great guys who do their jobs brilliantly and effortlessly and achieve great results tailored to each individual.   Revolution has a fun and genuinely supportive atmosphere and I can’t now work out why I put off calling them for so long!

Andrew before
Andrew Taylor Before
Andrew after
Andrew Taylor After

I’ve run three 10K runs and my PSA level is undetectable.  I cannot overstate that Revolution Gym and its creators and trainers are truly inspirational!

Andrew Taylor
Ronnie before
Ronnie Before
Ronnie after
Ronnie After

The BEST atmosphere! When I first come to see them for my complimentary session I was nervous, skinny and unsure of what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised by the incredibly encouraging and supportive personal trainers and an atmosphere that continuously pushed me (without flogging me) to hit my goals.


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