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A Smooth(ie) Criminal

Hello and welcome to the Revolution Personal Training Studio’s blog. I’m entering my twelfth day of the Revolution NutriClean detox and although it’s drawing to a close, part of me will miss it’s simplicity. Sure there’s been no dairy, eggs, beef, caffeine or processed sugar but there’s also been no calorie counting, no starvation, no sleepless nights, no energy dips, no days of misery. In fact this detox has reminded me that, whatever fitness level or shape you are in, weight loss can be easy.
Let’s look at the equation in its most basic form. If calories you take in exceeds the calories going out, you will gain weight. If healthy calories out exceeds calories going in, you will lose weight.
What people imagine this means is: Starvation plus misery plus living like a monk equals slight hard earned weight loss. Eating ‘Normally’ equals weight gain. Well I can tell you without proper guidance, proper motivation and a plan it can certainly feel that way!
After experiencing the meal options from this detox, seeing the results and feeling the health benefits it’s reminded me that the equation should read: Eating tasty food 5 to 6 times per day with moderate exercise equals weight loss.
The NutriClean detox along side my Revolution training program has given me the added boost I needed to trim myself down to very near my ‘racing weight’ in a short amount of time. I’ve lost over a stone in weight in the last 12 days and to be honest, the results have out weighed my effort to get them by a long way.
Sure there’s been no coffee for two weeks and I’ve had to break my same old monotonous routine by cooking a few different meals and looking around the supermarket for a couple of foods that I wouldn’t normally buy, but the most obvious rewards for me are that I’ve healthily dropped a load of weight in two weeks (equating to two trouser sizes so far), my skin has made a noticeable improvement and I’ve had friends and clients comment on how good it looks (not that it started from a particularly bad position in the first place!) and I’m sleeping a lot better every night. Too me this makes going through this process seem like a no brainer.
I’m going to stick to about 90% of this easy to follow plan in every day life when I’ve completed it. Cause if something simple is working then why change it?
Take time this weekend and think about your goals. Visualise how you want to improve yourself. Think about the results that you would really love to achieve and how good you’ll feel once you’ve achieved them. Guess what, with the proper guidance from one of our personal trainers you could find it easy too.
Have a great day,
Giuseppe Di Credico
Revolution Personal Training London

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