12 Week Transformations

Andrew George

So picture this: I was 18 stone, obese, depressed, smoking 60 cigarettes a day and drinking up to 2 bottles of red wine a night. All brought on by the stress of my job.

I hated myself for this over-indulgence, but hadn’t been able to do anything about it. I thought I needed to either change my job to something less stressful, or change myself to see if being fitter and healthier would help me to cope with stress any easier.

I had seen the posters in Islington for Revolution, and decided that I either do something about it now or die at a very early age due to over-indulgence – so I decided to do something about it. The poster promised incredible results in a short space of time, and as I am an impatient guy, that definitely suited me.

I have to say, it was the turning point in my life that I never expected. The consultation went into such depth that they looked at all aspects of my life, to see where the focus of my training should be and how to tailor it to my needs. I went from being a fat, shy, unconfident 42-year-old bloke, covered up in the gym with lots of layers of training gear, to 12 weeks later being in a vest, shorts and with the biggest smile on my face. And looking fantastic!! I am now able to look at myself when I get out of the shower! I cannot recommend Revolution enough for being able to turn a life around. With a little effort and commitment on your side, believe me they will do the rest!!

The trainers at Revolution have been amazing in helping me through the dark days and gave me that extra push when I was a little bit lazy. I have really enjoyed his comradeship during my training, and also at the gym all the trainers know your name and make you feel very welcome. You have people from all walks of life training there, and at different stages of their training, so there is always someone to look at for inspiration to help you achieve your goals. Many thanks guys for all your help, you helped me achieve every single one of my goals in record time!!!!

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You helped me achieve all my goals in record time

Andrew G


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Your results are determined by the time you spend following our programmes. Your genetic response to the right exercise and dietary guidance is also key, alongside: how hard your train, how frequently you train, how disciplined you are with following your programmes.

Willpower is essential

Without focus, motivation and determination our trainers can’t help you achieve the results you desire. Don’t lose sight of your goals otherwise we can’t help you achieve them.

Knowledge is power

We work around the clock to stay ahead of innovations in the fitness, nutritional and lifestyle industries. We pride ourselves on our reputation as one of the best personal training companies in the world that consistently motivates clients to unlock their potential. Without our industry-leading knowledge, we couldn’t give our clients the power to make their desired changes a reality.

The Revolution testimonials showcase some of the best transformations we’ve helped our clients achieve through abiding by and staying mindful of these three principles.

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