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One of the most important aspects when deciding to undertake personal training is ensuring that you are matched with a personal trainer who has the right experience and skillset to help you achieve your goals.

We ensure that the trainer we believe suits you can train you on the days and times that suit your work and/or family life.

Dominic Barette
Dominic Barette

Dominic BaretteDirector

Dom wants his clients to feel the confidence exercise gives you, both mentally and physically.

Dom (aka the Silver Fox) has been a personal trainer since 1996 and is one of the Directors of Revolution Withdean.

Dom first started training in a gym when he was 18, and when he realised what confidence it gave him mentally and physically, he decided that he wanted others to feel the same way. The first type of training Dom did was in Olympic lifting, and over the years he has seen different training methodologies come, go and come back again.

Dom has a no-nonsense approach in helping clients to reach their goals, but can also show empathy when needed. Although Dom has worked in the fitness industry for over 20 years, he is always updating his knowledge and education.

Sports wise, Dom has done a lot over the years – three marathons and a triathlon – but now his passion is surfing, and occasionally he likes to roll back the years at a skate park. His party trick is being able to do the human flag

Jack Smith
Jack Smith

Jack SmithPersonal Trainer

Jack’s passion is helping his clients achieve weight loss and improve their body composition.

Jack’s love of health and fitness began when he started playing football from the age of 6. He became a personal trainer in 2016, and since then he has helped many clients successfully achieve their goals whilst also giving them the skills and knowledge to enable them to make these changes sustainable.

Tiffany Carroll
Tiffany Carroll

Tiffany CarrollPersonal Trainer

Tiffany has a great deal of experience working with her clients to achieve amazing 12 week transformations.

Tiffany’s goal is to keep her clients’ training and exercise fun and enjoyable, whilst enabling them to smash their fitness goals.

Having worked within the fitness industry for over 4 years, in both one-to-one personal training and group exercise, Tiffany has a great deal of experience working with her clients to achieve amazing 12 week transformations.

Tiffany continues to help her clients to achieve consistently outstanding results by providing expert advice on nutrition and developing tailored training programmes.

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