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Make these changes today

Today we are sharing 5 easy everyday food swaps that will save you calories and get you into a calorie deficit for weight loss.

It’s the small everyday steps which we can maintain that help us get to the shape, weight or health/fitness level that we desire.

1. Swap your chocolate/biscuit/sweetie habit for a portion of fruit

Choose a satisfying fruit that you enjoy eating and have a portion of that instead.
It’s real food, that’s lower in calories per portion and the natural sugars will deliver vitamins and satisfy and sugar cravings.

If you’re going to be having a sweet fix, try to make it beneficial for your body.

2. Swap higher calorie lattes and cappuccinos for black/white coffees and tea

This one is such an easy (and doable) swap that will save you so many calories.

A medium latte (semi skimmed milk) from Starbucks is 190 calories compared to 5 calories for a medium black filter coffee.

If you’re doing that at a minimum of once a day for 5 days in the week you will save 925 calories per week. And that’s if you have a modest coffee habit! Think about the difference if you’re having more than one a day!

3. Swap your crisps for popcorn

People often tell me that they love the crunchy sensation of eating crisps which is why they feature heavily in their diet.

To keep the crunch but dump the calories, swap to popcorn. You can get lots of different flavours now (just like crisps) and they come in portion controlled packs to keep the calories down.

With a lot of these things the key is often in the portion size so become aware of that.

4. Swap pastas/rice/chips for veggie alternatives

First off there is nothing wrong with pasta but when you swap to veggie alternatives, you can bulk out your meals for fewer calories and carbohydrates which is a better option when on a diet trying to lose weight.

Eating more whilst keeping your calories low. There are now so many veggie alternative options available to buy in most supermarkets.

A few that I have seen include:

  • Broccoli rice
  • Cauliflower rice
  • Beetroot rice
  • Courgette spaghetti
  • Sweet potato spaghetti
  • Carrot spaghetti
  • Butternut squash spaghetti
  • Butternut squash fries
  • Courgette fries
5. Swap pre-made sauces for fresh/dried herbs and spices.

You will notice the taste of your food greatly improve when you start adding your own herbs and spices. But you will also be freeing up calories from high fat/high sugar/high calorie shop-bought sauces.

A few good swaps to try out:

Pesto -> fresh basil
Stir fry sauces/spicy sauces -> soy sauce, ginger, garlic & chilli
Tomato-based pasta sauces -> fresh tomatoes & oregano.

This is a great way to cut calories without compromising taste.


We have our second book club taking place next Thursday, 19th October at 6.30pm at The Elk In The Woods on Camden Passage. Our book of choice this month is ‘Fahrenheit 451’ by Ray Bradbury. It’s a short one so there’s plenty of time for you to read it and join us next week.


We will be running our annual November 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge again this year. This is taking place for the month of November and the goal is to help as many of our clients across our sites to have one final push and get them closer to their weight loss goals. This is a perfect chance for you to have a focused 30 days before the silly season gets under way.

Speak to your trainer or contact the studio if you wish to take part.

Rebecca Maslin

Senior Revolution Personal Trainer

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