12 Week Transformation at Revolution Personal Training Studios

Is a 12-week body transformation possible?

Before you set off on any major journey, you must have a detailed plan of action in place. However, before a health and fitness plan can be built, it’s essential that you understand exactly what you want to achieve physically.

Understanding this can be achieved through a detailed goal setting session with your personal trainer. After your goal setting session, you’ll be really clear on what your goal is and just as importantly why you want to transform your body. That ‘why’ is deeply personal and perhaps the key aspect to succeeding, as it is what will drive you on to push through the challenges and obstacles that will inevitably come up during the twelve weeks.

Once you have a personalised plan in place, then the hard work truly starts and it’s here that you’ll need to display a variety of positive character traits. These include perseverance, patience, determination and willingness to trust the process, particularly when you don’t have all the answers or the way forward seems unclear. Your personal trainer will support and guide you throughout the whole 12 week process, providing advice, encouragement and accountability along the way.

Achieving a 12-week body transformation is not easy, but with a clear vision, the right plan and enough hard work it is absolutely possible.

How will I feel when I finish my transformation?

After finishing your 12-week transformation, you’ll feel a huge sense of pride in your achievement – of how your body has improved from both an aesthetic and athletic perspective, and how much more energy you have. You’ll feel more motivated than ever, because you made a promise to yourself and you delivered on that promise.

Clients also feel incredibly positive after a body transformation because many had previously doubted whether it was possible for them to achieve their goal. This leads many clients to question what else they could achieve in other areas of their life that they previously didn’t think was possible.

Some people also feel a sense of sadness that their 12-week body transformation is over, so at this point you have two choices – one option is to slip back into old habits and routines and slowly start to lose your hard earned strength and fitness. The second option (which most of our clients take) is to set a new goal that excites you and motivates you to drive on to reach your full potential. The choice is yours…

How does a 12-week transformation work?

The starting point for a 12-week transformation is to have a clear goal of what you want to achieve and why. Write your goal down and share it with supportive friends and family.

The next step is to assess where you’re at physically today. Your personal trainer will do this by measuring your body fat, weight and a simple tape measurement of your waist, hips and arms. A photo will also be taken from the front, side and back to help with reviewing your progress regularly throughout the 12 weeks.

Your training plan will be devised based on your current level of physical fitness and what your specific goal is. It’s really important that you train consistently and with focus, as building habits and routines around exercise will be paramount to your success. You will then be asked to keep a food diary so that both you and your trainer can track what you’re eating and drinking. Recording your nutritional habits is vital as it will make you and your trainer aware of any food and drinks you might be currently over-consuming, and also help your trainer to recommend any nutritional changes that will help you towards your goal.

You will then implement the plan your trainer has laid out for you, which will usually include training with weights 3 to 4 times per week. Regular evaluation in the form of weigh-ins and/or body fat measurements is vital, as this acts as direct feedback on the effectiveness of your training and nutritional plan. Tweaks and changes can then be made to your training and nutritional plan, and this process is repeated throughout your 12-week transformation.

At the end of your 12-week transformation, you will have all your measurements retaken as well as those all important ‘after’ photos. This visual reminder of your progress and achievement is incredibly powerful.

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