Personal Training at Revolution Personal Training Studios

We have created a friendly, welcoming and completely non-judgemental personal training studio.

This setup allows you to be flexible with the days and times that suit you best to train. Ultimately, your personal trainer will work around you and your schedule to ensure that exercise and wellbeing become part of your lifestyle.

Some clients who train at Revolution are not looking for a 12 week transformation. It may be that you want to drop half a stone in weight, train for a 5k event or simply use exercise to reduce stress.

Whatever your training goal, your personal trainer will make sure that you execute all exercises safely, effectively and with confidence. Goal setting, a personalised training and nutritional plan, and regular evaluation of your progress are the Revolution principles that will lead you to success.

Can a personal trainer help me lose weight/achieve my goal?

Your personal trainer will make sure that your training and nutritional plans are completely bespoke for you and that they also take into account your work, family life and any other commitments you may have. Your training plan will make sure you have enough time to physically recover in between your sessions, but will also encourage you to increase your activity levels in your own time.

By educating you on how best to track your food intake, your personal trainer will help you to be in a small and manageable calorie deficit (which is essential for weight loss) whilst still eating the foods you enjoy at the right times. This approach, combined with helping you establish regular and consistent training habits and routines, will make sure you lose weight and keep the weight off in the long term.

When should you consider hiring a personal trainer?

A personal trainer is a great investment for people at any stage of their fitness journey.

For beginners, hiring a personal trainer will ensure you are given really good foundations on which to build upon, which means you’ll be lifting weights with the correct technique and gaining an understanding of how best to measure your progress over time. Through the use of a food diary, your trainer will work with you to identify what foods you over-consume and what you may need to eat more of. This awareness is the first step towards making nutritional changes that are both sustainable for you in the long term and drive you towards your goals.

For those at an intermediate training level of fitness, you’ll gain an understanding and confidence on what exercises you’re executing well and which movements you can improve upon technically. You’ll benefit from a fresh perspective and new training ideas that your trainer will incorporate into your training plan. From a nutritional perspective, your personal trainer will provide you with recipe ideas and meal plans which will guide you to make sustainable improvements that fit in with your lifestyle.

For those with a high level of fitness, a personal trainer will look at every detail of your health. This will include your training plan, nutritional plan and lifestyle (including rest days, sleep quality, macro and micro nutritional intake). Alongside this, your training will be optimised and the combination of all these factors will lead to gaining that extra 10% in your performance, physique and health.

Is a personal trainer worth it?

Many people have spent large amounts of money and time trying, unsuccessfully, to reach their health and fitness goals. Money spent on unused gym memberships or home exercise equipment that gets used to hang clothes on are, unfortunately, commonplace. A personal trainer helps you to gain clarity on what goals you want to achieve and how you’re going to get there.

During the training sessions with your personal trainer, you’ll be pushed to reach your physical potential in a safe and effective way. Accountability is another key aspect of why hiring a personal trainer is so much more effective than training on your own. The benefit of having someone to answer to, someone to encourage you and someone to keep you on track cannot be overlooked.

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