Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide meal plans for vegetarians and vegans?
Yes, we have a wide range of food plans catering for meat eaters, pescatarians, vegetarians and vegans.
If I miss a week or two due to work or family commitments, do I lose the sessions I haven't been able to do?
No you don't! Those sessions simply roll over to when you get back. Sessions at Revolution have a one year expiry date from the date of purchase.
How much does the nutritional advice cost?
We don't charge any extra to give you nutritional advice or provide you with food plans - there are no hidden costs at Revolution at all. Alongside the nutritional advice we provide, you'll also get comprehensive evaluation of your progress and any training plans you may need to do externally.
How do you select the right trainer for me?
After finding out as much about you, your goals and exercise history as possible, one of our directors or senior trainers will match you with the right personal trainer for you.
Can I train at Revolution on my own?
The short answer is no. We are a personal training studio, so our customers see us for exclusive one-on-one training. Unlike a standard gym, there are no monthly or annual membership fees and by having our studio available for personal training only, it means we can control the number of people training at any one time. On a practical level this works well as we avoid overcrowding, but equally importantly it means our trainers have the necessary equipment available to train their clients as effectively as possible to get those results faster.
I haven't exercised in a long time and am worried I'm not fit enough?
Don't worry! Whatever your current fitness level is, we will get the intensity right for you so that you will leave feeling great!a
What happens in the free taster session?
Your free taster session is split into two halves. For the first 30 minutes, your trainer will find out all about you, your requirements and discuss your exercise history. We then set goals with you and take some measurements so we can evaluate your future progress. For the second half an hour, you get to experience an actual personal training session and understand the principles of our training style. It also gives you a chance to see how you get on with the trainer you've been matched with.
How long does the free taster session last?
The free taster session lasts one hour in total.
Do you have shower and changing facilities?
Yes we do, and we also provide towels, basic shower gel and shampoo as well as hairdryers and hair straighteners.
What do I need to wear?
Any training clothes that you feel comfortable wearing. Bring some trainers as well.

Never had a personal trainer?

Try personal training for free with our complimentary taster session for first timers.

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