9 tips to transform your body

1. What do you want?

Through a goal setting session with one of our personal trainers, you will know exactly what you want to achieve. We will make sure your goal is really specific. So if your goal is weight loss, you will know exactly how much weight you want to lose. The more specific you can be, the greater your chance of success.

2. Why do you want to achieve that goal?

What’s the emotional reason behind your goal? Be really honest with yourself. Is it to feel more attractive? Is it to look good on the beach for a particular holiday? What’s your real reason? Once you harness the power of emotions positively in your favour, then transforming your body becomes so much more possible. You’ll know when you and your personal trainer have agreed on the right goal for you because the thought of reaching that goal will fill you with excitement.

3. Take a ‘Before’ photo

This really helps to provide a much needed dose of reality. Sometimes in our busy lives it’s easy to ignore or fail to accept the true extent of our physical decline. And for some people when they first view their before photo they are truly shocked. This shock can have a hugely motivational effect and if you are up for the challenge then that will drive you on to make the sacrifices needed to transform your body.

4. Plan your training

We will help you to plan out which days of the week you’re going to train and which days you’re going to rest. We will provide you with a training diary so you can make sure that you are sticking to the right schedule.

5. Meal plans

As part of our service, we will provide you with well-structured and thought out meal plans to follow. They will include quality carbs such as fresh fruit and vegetables, sweet potato and oats. Good fats such as avocado and natural yoghurt will be included, and proteins such as eggs, fish and organic meats will be a part of most meals. When we provide you with the food plans remember that adherence to the plan is the most important thing.

6. Be accountable!

You will be accountable to your Revolution personal trainer and they will provide you with food diaries to fill in, so we can see exactly what you’re eating and drinking and at what time. We will discuss and communicate with you what is or isn’t working and provide you with alternatives and solutions where necessary.

7. Evaluate your progress

How we evaluate your progress will be completely dependent upon what your goal is. So weekly weigh-ins for those looking for weight loss, or body fat measurements for those looking to get leaner. This is a chance to get some feedback on whether your plan is working for you. If you’re getting the results you want then you’ll know you’re on the right track, and if not then we know that something with your training or nutritional plan needs to be tweaked.

8. Have fun!

Enjoy the process of transforming your body and hitting your goal. There will inevitably be challenges, but a positive attitude and approach are an essential part of transforming your body in 12 weeks. At Revolution we understand the importance of having fun, and this is reflected in the unique atmosphere that we have in our studio.

9. Take an ‘After’ photo

This is a chance to have a reminder of your achievement forever. Knowing this photo shoot is coming will keep your healthy eating and training on track as your 12 week transformation draws to a close. The photo shoot is great fun, and seeing the before and after pictures together for the first time brings the whole process together. The ultimate proof of all your hard work and sacrifice!

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