Matching you with the right trainer….

One of the most important aspects when deciding to undertake personal training is ensuring that you are matched with a personal trainer who has the right experience and skillset to help you achieve your goals. Another vital component is that you and your trainer gel from a personality perspective.

At Revolution, we take matching our potential new customers with the right personal trainer very seriously. This is why, in over 13 years of trading, we have never outsourced this job to a third party. In all 5 of our locations, when you make an enquiry about personal training you will speak to a studio owner/director or one of our senior personal trainers.

After you contact us we will discuss what your training goals are, what your previous training experience is, if you have any injuries or conditions that mean your training may need to be modified and what personality type you are looking for from a personal trainer. Lastly, from a practical point of view, we ensure that the trainer we believe suits you can train you on the days and times that suit your work and/or family life.

Once we have all this information we will match you with the best trainer for you, your goals and schedule. At this point we book you in for free trial session with the trainer we have selected for you, so that you can experience a personal training session and gain a deeper understanding of how we can help you achieve your goals.

What happens in the Free Trial session?

The first point to make about the free trial session is that it is completely without obligation to sign up. If you decide you don’t want to proceed with personal training, there is absolutely no hard sell.

The free trial session lasts 1 hour in total, and in the first part of the session you and your trainer will go through some goal setting where you will gain real clarity on what you want to achieve and why you want to achieve it. You’ll have guidance from your trainer on whether your goal is realistic over the time frame you’ve both agreed upon, and your trainer will then take some measurements that are relevant to you and your goals. A really important point on the measurements is that nothing is good or bad – it is simply a chance for us to understand where you’re at today, and to map out where you want to go.

Your trainer will then take you through a brief personal training session so that you get the chance to physically experience the type of training we do. Some people are understandably concerned that this trial session will be too hard for them, particularly if they have not exercised in a long time, but please be reassured that whatever your current fitness level we will get the intensity right for you, so that you will leave feeling great! Our goal in this trial session is to show you the principles of what we do, and to give you some insight into how your personal training sessions will be structured going forward.

All our studios have shower and change facilities on site and we provide clean towels, so all you need to bring to your free taster session is yourself, some comfortable workout clothes and an open mind. Everything else will be taken care of by Revolution – we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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