Nutritional Guidance at Revolution Personal Training Studios

Our nutritional Philosophy

There are so many differing opinions about what you should eat and how often that it can get very confusing and, for some people, disheartening. Can I eat carbs after 6pm? Should I eat six small meals per day? Or three larger meals?

At Revolution, we understand that the single most important part of any eating plan is adherence to the plan. There’s no point giving someone a complicated nutritional plan if they aren’t going to do it. We set you up for success!

For those looking for weight loss, it’s essential that a small daily calorie deficit is achieved. Similarly, for those looking to gain muscle, a small daily calorie surplus will need to be achieved. With this in mind, we have worked alongside a team of qualified nutritional coaches to create a range of nutritional plans with a full macro- nutrient breakdown, as well as a calorie count for each meal and for each day. We have a wide range of food plans catering for meat eaters, pescatarians, vegetarian and vegans.

Some people find that following the food plans to the letter is the best solution for them. However, others find that using the food plans as a guide to help them make subtle adaptions to what they currently eat is the best approach.

Whichever option suits you, there’s no doubt that tracking what you eat and how much you eat is absolutely vital to achieve fat loss, muscle gain or simply improved health. At Revolution we recommend that our clients log everything they eat and drink daily. This allows your personal trainer to view your daily food intake, creating the all-important accountability that is needed to achieve results. After around four weeks of doing this, many people find that they no longer need to track all the meals they eat and can start to eat in a much more intuitive way.

At Revolution, we can’t write about nutrition without hearing one of the directors John Grim saying three words: PLAN, PLAN, and PLAN! To clarify what he means – every Sunday, write down and plan (and more importantly, go out and buy) the food you’re going to eat over the next week.

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