With the best of intentions to lose weight and get fit, I have tried gym memberships, only to give up a few weeks later due to a lack of confidence and knowledge to properly exercise in a gym environment.

I knew I had to make a change and seeing the giant posters around Islington, decided to visit Revolution Personal Training.

I was immediately struck by the friendliness and enthusiasm of the personal trainers, especially Ollie who after listening to my goals, created a personalised programme and trained me over the 12 weeks. The positive environment at the studio was a massive draw, and having previously groaned at the thought of going to the gym, training sessions quickly became a highlight for my week.

In the end, not only did I surpass my goals, but I have also been equipped with a life skill – the confidence and knowledge to lose weight and keep in shape. I really enjoyed the 12 weeks and will always be grateful to Ollie and the other trainers at Revolution. Plus I ended up on one of those posters!

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