Dr Peter

As a doctor I know the health benefits that are gained from eating well, being in shape and keeping fit, but just because someone understands this all too well, it doesn’t mean that they will listen.

Unfortunately I also fell into this bracket. Walking around overweight and quite frankly it was becoming slightly embarrassing for me to give health advice to patients from this position.

Before I first walked into Revolution Personal Training Studios I felt a little bit nervous as I’m not usually a gym goer and was worried that I’d be shunned out of the door! But within moments I was greeted by the friendly staff who made me feel welcome and comfortable. They encouraged me to try the ‘no obligation’ free session. I’m pleased that I agreed as it was one of the best decisions I could have made.

I lost a whopping 2 stone in 12 weeks which previously I would have thought quite impossible. Which is incredible. Revolution have not only transformed my body though, they have transformed the way that I think and feel about exercise. I find that my training sessions have become an enjoyable highlight of the week and I look forward to walking through those gym doors and being greeted as friend and celebrated as a client.

Thank you Revolution, you have improved my life and changed my attitude towards fitness.

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