I’ve tried to lose weight for a few years, trying all sorts of methods, and I have always ended up gaining extra pounds!

On my way to work a few months ago, I saw the Revolution poster in Islington, but I imagined they were only stories. I was shocked when I tried on a dress for my wedding and I realised that I was huge… the size 18 dress was too small for me!! So I decided that it was time to make drastic, but healthy, changes to my life. So I called Revolution Personal Training Studios, sought more information on their poster transformations, and soon afterwards I started training there.

At first I felt a little bit nervous about a new experience, but the atmosphere was so welcoming and encouraging that I soon became very excited about starting my training. I received a lot of motivation and support from my trainer, as well as all the other trainers in the studio. The trainers are friendly and welcoming, the atmosphere is great and it’s nothing like a regular gym where everyone looks at the TV and listens to their own music. I love the training. Every session with her is hard work, which brings great results and big satisfaction. I never would have thought I could do some of the things I can do now, but with the experience, skills, patience and reassuring approach of my trainer it seems anything is possible.

Since my first week of training, my energy levels have gone up and I have been generally more positive and happy. I feel great! I feel healthy, fit, strong and more confident. I can say that one of my wishes has come true. Before I started training at Revolution, I thought I would never be a slim and fit person again, but my lifestyle has changed and I’ve been educated to eat healthily.

Throughout my training programme I have experienced an array of feelings including determination, sacrifice, and happiness every time someone commented on my changes.

By the end of the 12 weeks, I had lost over 3 stone in weight, 10 inches from my waist and over 8 inches form my hips. I also went from squeezing into a size 18 wedding dress to comfortably wearing a size 10 dress!! It’s amazing isn’t it? I would recommend Revolution to anyone who wants to lose weight. It is the healthiest, most enjoyable and progressive way to lose weight and become fitter than ever. Don’t forget – everything is possible when you really want it!

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