About 2 years before I came to Revolution, I had already lost a lot of weight. The problem was: I had gained back more than half of it even though I was still at the gym regularly and doing different classes.

I needed to do something about it.

I had seen Revolution’s advertising and though I was skeptical that someone could change so much in 12 weeks I decided to contact them. From the first call I felt like I found the right place. Meeting my personal trainer was a very positive experience even though I was extremely nervous. I especially liked how we talked about the reasons behind my wish to lose weight and become fitter. Also, we made sure to set goals that were actually realistic. Nothing like my “the next time I visit my family I will have lost 5 pounds”-plans which never worked anyway. We agreed that I would keep a food diary and send pictures of everything I ate. I was then given feedback about how to make my diet healthier without denying myself my favorite foods. I now feel that this was the most important step to take for my later success.

Then we started the work out and I loved it. Walking home after the first session I had the feeling that this would be exactly what I needed. Every time I’m at Revolution,  my trainer takes care to make the sessions are interesting and varied. The dreaded weekly weigh in (my thoughts before coming to Revolution) turned out not to be dreadful at all. I lost weight nearly every week which at times I could not believe. Feeling and seeing the results of losing weight and getting fitter has been my greatest motivation for keeping up the work. And even when I did not my personal trainer was super supportive and motivating. I always felt and still do that we are a great team. Actually, everyone at Revolution took an interest in my success and encouraged me to keep going.

When, after 12 weeks I had lost 20kg (just over 3 stone) in weight and had lost 8 inches my waist. I saw the picture we took the first time I came to Revolution I could not believe it. Obviously, I noticed that I had to buy a lot of new clothes (everything has become too big) but seeing the before and after shot brought everything to a new level. On the other hand, every time I do a push up now I am simply amazed: 12 weeks ago I would have thought even one push up impossible. I think my new level of fitness is making me every bit as happy as losing all this weight.

If you are looking to change your life and get the support you need then Revolution is the place you should come!

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