Over the last few years I didn’t even notice the weight piling on until one day I looked I the mirror and didn’t recognise the woman looking back at me.

I’ve tried lists of different weight loss plans and diets all of which worked a bit but left me feeling miserable and unmotivated. The gym wasn’t somewhere where I felt comfortable but had got to a stage where I would try almost anything!

Right from when I phoned Revolution I was put at ease and ensured that they could help. They booked me in for a free training session to make sure that I was happy with it before deciding anything. I couldn’t believe that I would find it so enjoyable. It’s like a big family. I felt that every trainer at Revolution studios was fully behind me and my trainer made the sessions fun and motivating.

Now 12 weeks on I have gone from a dress size 22 to a size 12. I’m fitter than I’ve ever been and now have what I need to enjoy exercise, enjoy my food and stay in my new shape.

Thank you Revolution, I recommend you guys to everyone!

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