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It’s difficult to articulate how much I have benefited from Revolution PTS without getting schmaltzy…they are great guys who do their jobs brilliantly and effortlessly and achieve great results tailored to each individual.   Revolution has a fun and genuinely supportive atmosphere and I can’t now work out why I put off calling them for so long!

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Steve Vullo

It has without doubt been one of the most interesting and rewarding things I have ever done. If anyone is unsure whether to give it a go, I would say do it but get professional training behind you to get the most out of it. I did”.

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Richard Cotton

I have been able to tailor my sessions to event-specific goals, marathon running, iron man 70.3 and full iron man, and achieved results way beyond my expectations. My overriding experience though is of a fun, friendly, laid back and good humoured place to exercise. Training at Revolution is definitely not a chore.

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It’s very much part of my life now and I can’t see myself ever stopping training. I’ve tried to adopt a “train for life” mentality rather than a quick transformation and it’s been one of the best things I’ve ever done.

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There is a great buzz in the Revolution studio and the trainers have great energy and enthusiasm. They really care about their clients’ happiness. It is really like a big family.

I felt strong, healthy, comfortable and happy in myself and in my wedding dress on the day. Thank you Revolution!

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Since starting my training at Revolution my life style has changed. I have been eating more sensibly, I have been exercising more, my energy level has gone up, I am positive and happy. I feel great. I feel healthy, fit, strong and more confident. I can say that one of my wishes has come true. Before I started training at Revolution I was one of those people who wanted to be slim and fit but I did not believe I had strength to do it. Now I look at myself in the mirror and I say: ‘I did it!’

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Throughout the course the team at Revolution provided me with so much support and motivation. What sets the 12 week challenge head and shoulders above others is that Will and the team helped me understand how the tailored exercise and nutritional advice was enabling me to make the changes I wanted. I lost 44lbs in 84 days and I’ve never trained the way I did before since.

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Andrew Smith

12 weeks ago I walked into Revolution Personal Training Studios weighing in at 85.5kg. On my final weigh-in I was 71kg! In week 1 my body fat percentage was 26.5%, it’s now 13.8%. My waist was 38.5 inches, it’s now 32.8. Crazy. That equates to 3 stone in 12 weeks!

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I can’t speak highly enough of Revolution. They make me laugh, challenge, and inspire me. I always look forward to our banter and come ready for a killer workout. My trainer has become my coach and my friend. If you pop by the studio you can probably find us working out to ‘Call me, maybe.’

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