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12th Week Results

Week 12:

Hi and welcome to the twelfth week of my muscle gain challenge on the Revolution personal training studios blog.

It’s funny to think that 12 weeks have already passed since I decided to set the goal of gaining a whole load of weight. My target was 1-2 stone (hopefully of muscle! Ha ha). In today’s post I’m going to post my results of how much and of what I have gained during this experiment.


I started this goal weighing in at 82.5kg and today I way 90.5kg. 6Kg of this gain works out as muscle and 2Kg of it is fat. So in other words I have hit my goal. Yippie!

What about my strength gain over the 12 weeks?

My squat 1RM went up from 110kg to 180kg
My bench press 1RM went up from 75kg to 100kg

So basically, I may not be ripped but I’m stronger than I’ve ever been before which is great.

Knocking on Heaven’s Door

I’m really happy with my results over this weight gain experiment. You’re probably thinking that surely as a personal trainer I should be strong and fit and find it easier than a regular gym goer. Well usually maybe these presumptions would probably be correct. A personal trainer with a strong sporting background would normally have an edge but let me take you back in time to March 2014 right before I started this quest for beefiness.

I remember feeling quite drained from a rather stressful weekend and on the Monday I wasn’t my usual self. I tried to ‘jog off’ this feeling with a cheeky 5k run (which took me about 23mins). This didn’t help so I finished the day with an early night and tried to sleep this feeling away.

4am came and so did a rip roaring head ache which woke me. It felt like there was an axe stuck in the top of my head. So I got up and took a paracetamol and headed into work anyway assuming that the feeling would pass. I got to work and managed to train a client before realising that it wasn’t going away but in fact was getting worse. So I travelled straight back home and had my next two days covered.

Over the next 2 days in bed I continued to feel worse and now my eyes were feeling extreme sensitivity to light, sort of like a vampire. I went to the doctor who referred me straight to the hospital. The hospital gave me a powerful pain killer through a drip so that I could coherently answer their questions and told me that I’d have to stay in over night. They scanned my brain and then performed a lumbar punch (drawing spinal fluid from the lower back – which felt like I had been belted with a baseball bat afterwards).

The initial results showed that I had meningitis. I was told that I wasn’t going anywhere for a while and I was put in a ward which I could only describe as the ‘ward of death’. It was an isolated room with 3 other patients (all with terminally illness. The man directly opposite from me was literally on his death bed and was being made comfortable for his last moments).

The doctors and nurses hooked me up to two drips, a cocktail of drugs (I was receiving 3 bouts of 2 hours each per day). I looked at the photograph of my two beautiful sons and thought that I’d never see them again.

Luckily it was viral meningitis which shouldn’t kill you but can give you most of the other horrible outcomes. Once they were sure that I wasn’t contagious they wheeled me to a regular ward where I remained for a further 5 days. During this time I was repeatedly awoken by more needles shoved into my arms, hands, wrists, back and stomach as well as sounds that can only be described as serving runny readybrek from a balloon!

The 6 hours of intravenous drugs that I was given per day along side the medication for pain disorientated me to the point of me not knowing what day it was or whether it was day or night.

They battered my immune system making me so weak that I could hardly stand. Finally I was out of hospital and back at home. I remained in bed with the curtains drawn for about another week before having the strength to walk down the stairs in my house to sit on the sofa.

The combination of the illness and the drugs had done a real number on me and when I returned to work I was as weak as a kitten and even now my immune system hasn’t fully recovered.

Impossible is Nothing

The point of me sharing this terrible experience is that a matter of weeks before I started this muscle and strength related goal I was as weak as a child but with some focus and a lot of grit I have made strength gains like never before smashing all previous personal bests.
Excuses are the enemy of results. Try to catch yourself when they are free flowing out and refer back to your goals to neutralise them.

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