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90% of Winning is Simply Turning Up

Week 7:
Hello and welcome to the Revolution Personal Training Studio blog. On this weeks exciting episode of my weight gain challenge I have tried a completely ‘off piste’ style of training compared to the previous regimented plan.
I have stuck to the basic guide that I originally laid out (e.g what body parts per day and controlled sets with relatively heavy weights) except I have allowed myself longer rest and have pushed pretty much every single set to failure.
Obviously this style of training needs close supervision because training to failure can be great for the physique but no one likes the look of a man with a dumbbell shaped imprint in his face!
Get Yourself Moving
Wednesday was leg training day. There was no part of me that wanted to train my legs that day. I was thinking of my top 3 favourite excuses that I’ve heard over the years and using them.
I don’t have the time today…
I’m too tired today…
I’ve already trained really well this week so I need a rest day…
All de-motivational classics I grant you. Then I reflected on my goals for a while and thought maybe I should just have a move ’round and see how I get on and even if I don’t enter ‘Beast Mode’ it’s better than nothing right?
I had the best leg workout of my life and enjoyed every minute of it. I hit my personal best 1 rep max barbell squat followed by reping out 100kg for 22 controlled and deep reps! What in the name of Zeus happened? I was ready to pack up my legs and leave. Just the fact that I decided to get started made me end up with a session that will be motivating me for the rest of the week.
Remember your goals people. For the words that you wrote down at the beginning of your transformation or plan contain great power and when revisited will ignite the motivation inside you.

Transform your body in 12 weeks with Personal training

12 weeks on I have gone from a dress size 22 to a size 12. I’m fitter than I’ve ever been and now have what I need to enjoy exercise, enjoy my food and stay in my new shape.

Marina Before
Marina After

I always say that the only other person who wanted this as much as I did was my personal trainer, but I was motivated and encouraged by everyone at the studio, trainers as well as trainees.

Chantal Before
Chantal After

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