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A Recipe for Success

Hello and welcome to the Revolution blog. Today I would like to share a few classic easy to prep meals you can use when looking to get your summer body. These are simple and can be made with normal food that can be found in a super market rather than a load of unusual ingredients tucked away somewhere bizarre.


  • 1 whole meal toast with a little scrape of butter (not margarine)
  • 3 poached free range, ideally organic eggs (always make sure that they are lion stamped)
  • 50g smoked salmon (you’ve got to make sure that your salmon hasn’t been smoked in sugar)


  • Apple


  • 1 large chicken breast oven baked in coconut oil (seasoned to taste with pepper)
  • A portion of baked chilli and coconut oil sweet potato (a good way of measuring a controlled portion in to make a fist and the food must fit within an area of the same size)
  • Green veggies


  • 8 raw almonds (not the coated ones!)


  • Poached mackerel (poach skin side down in milk, water, pepper and with a crushed garlic clove in the mix)
  • Stir fried veggies

Obviously all food must be cooked through and to your own taste and if you have any allergies then you should read the labels and ensure what you’re eating is safe for you and choose an alternative if necessary.

A Few Tips

If you find the lunch prep to be a hassle you should make two lunches. Lunch box them both and stick them in the fridge this way you’re covered for a couple of days halving the effort.

When I said green veggies above you probably think broccoli, spinach and green beans straight away. These are great but what about asparagus, samphire and kale? There are loads of unusual veggies each with their own unique flavours which can transform essentially the same meal as yesterday into something new. So be brave and experiment.

The above food plan layout has helped literally hundreds of my clients drop body fat while tasting awesome too. Give it a try and if you’d like any more information about what our London based personal training studio can offer please call or email.


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