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Are You Sweet Enough?

Sugar, it’s everywhere, spreading through society uncontrollably. In recent years it’s become the most prominent addition to all food sources and it seems like there’s no end to its dominance. Few of us, it seems, can survive our hectic work and social life without our morning cappuccino with 2 sugars or the ever popular, ever calorific concoction of milk, coffee and a heavy addition of the white substance that’s become oh so common. It’s become a stable addiction for many people, the sweet cocaine of the average Joe.
In this blog we will review the dangers of sugar and its effect on the body, where it can be found and how we can avoid and combat it.
Sugar, in its refined state, has no nutritional value. Natural sugar is broken down ( refined), and is stripped of all its nutrients . Once this happens, the body can not break it down or use it, and it becomes what’s known as “empty calories”. When we consume this ” refined sugar” it is initially stored in the liver as glucose, but the liver can only hold so much. When we exceed the limit of the liver, it starts releasing it back into our bloodstream as fatty acids, which then get deposited as fat in our least active areas, traditionally: the belly, the thighs, the bum and the chest. The more sugar we consume, the more fatty acids we release into our body. Leading us to become, at an alarming rate, fatter and unhealthier. Sugar has led to a rapid increase in type 2 diabetes and obesity, which carry with them, as if they weren’t bad enough on their own, a whole host of other less attractive health problems. It destroys us from the inside and poisons our bodies until eventually our organs collapse upon themselves. All this just to satisfy our sweet tooth, but we must ask ourselves, is it really worth it?
Which leads us onto the next point, the average Briton consumes around 240 teaspoons of sugar a week. 240 teaspoons works out to roughly a kilo of sugar, baring in mind that the recommended intake for the average person should consume is between 6 and 9 teaspoons a day. The shocking thing about that stat is, although it’s a huge number, most of us don’t even realise how high our intake is. Sugar has penetrated every aspect of our modern day food sources. We need only look around us to see the impact it has on our society. Reports from both the BBC and WHO ( world health organisation) claim that 1/3 kids under the age of 5 have sugar related tooth decay while 19% of children in year 6 are obese; with a further 14.4% classed as overweight. 64% of adults in the UK alone are now classed as either overweight or obese, the cost directly related to obesity is £5 billion. We as a nation, and globally, must stop and take a second to look around us and ask why this is happening. The proof is, as they say and quite literally in this instance….. in the pudding.
So, how do we win this battle, with all the odds seemingly against us?
By keeping it simple. There’s no magic cure, there’s no secret recipe, there’s no superfood with all the answers. It’s about making small, but effective changes to our lifestyles. Taking our time to think about what we are eating before making impulse decisions which usually lead to bad choices. Cutting out as much of our sugar intake in our daily diet;
. Most soft drinks
.”low fat” food
. Sweets and confectionary
. Having smaller portions of fruit and carbs
. Switching from white to brown,
. Avoid dressing or sauces on food
. Writing down or tracking what you eat and drink throughout the day.
These are just a few of the small changes you can make to your everyday life.
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