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Breaking The Habit

Into the third day of the Revolution NutriClean detox.
As a man of Italian decent, things like coffee and pasta are a way of life. I thought that it would be much harder to cut those things than it has been and I reckon the main reason for the easy transition is that the food on this detox is so flipping tasty.
Today I kicked off with some buckwheat pancakes for breakfast and added a few berries for good measure. Now surely scoffing pancakes can’t be a way to detox your body and in the process lose weight, can it?
imageWell all I can say is that if you follow the plan word for word and make sure that you take your multi vitamins and supplements as instructed it seems to be that you’re on to a winner!
I’m still happy to say that my appetite is truly satisfied. Also I was slightly worried that eating loads of different weird foods would give me ‘gut rot’ but much to my delight my innards feel good. I’m sleeping a lot better so when I wake I’m actually fully awake and well rested. Rather than the routine zombie styled walk to the coffee man at the train station to exchange in our usual blurry eyed witty back and forth, such as;
Coffee man: ‘Usual?’
Me:'(Yawn)…Yes please.’
One thing is that I feel that my energy levels have dipped a bit today. I was waiting for this to be honest. Whenever you cut out stimulants (in this case caffeine and sugar) you go into a sort of withdrawal. One of the symptoms of this is a feeling of slightly reduced energy for a day but in saying that it’s nothing I can’t live with and it certainly isn’t enough to effect motivation or make me feel lethargic.
As for training, I went for a 1k swim yesterday, nothing major just enough to test myself. As with the run on day one, at a point where I’d usually feel my concentration start to wobble I was able to hold my form together and keep my focus.
This detox like with many things takes about 90% of your effort to just get started and 10% of your effort to see it through to the end. A big part of that is due to the fact that human beings don’t really like change, so the thought of changing habits (either good or bad ones) is rather daunting to say the least.
We are all creatures of habit to a degree. Right from always ordering the same kind of thing at a resturant, to what side of the bed you sleep on! I think that disrupting your reoccurring pattern with a little clean variety can only be good for your sense of well being.
Giuseppe Di Credico
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I always say that the only other person who wanted this as much as I did was my personal trainer, but I was motivated and encouraged by everyone at the studio, trainers as well as trainees.

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