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Losing Belly Fat Feels Almost Easy!

I’ve completed the 3 juicing days of the detox and despite from the slight will power wobble half way through the second day of it, I didn’t break at all. I used the word ‘wobble’ ironically because over the last three days the results have really accelerated, especially around my waist line! I reckon that this is probably the easiest fat reducing diet that I’ve ever been on!
The meals are once again tasty and surprisingly satisfying, even though they consisted only of smoothies and home made soups for the last three days. Last night I went for onion and cauliflower soup which was creamy and delicious.
An unusual positive side effect of this detox has been my hay fever has basically gone away since the beginning of this detox last week. Even though strictly speaking detoxing your liver isn’t really for relieving allergies like this I can’t deny that I’ve gone from having it the worst that I’ve ever had in my life where I was taking antihistamine tablets, nose sprays and eye drops to taking nothing for it at all after the first 4 days.
Possible reasons for this are that feeding the body in the correct way with the right balance of nutrients helps to filter out histamine and reduce any reactions. Also that processed sugar and caffeine can act as inflammatories when consumed, so reducing or removing these in my diet (even for a short while) must have helped a huge amount.
My Yoda Moment
I think that the real key to success when dieting and / or training is to know specifically what you want to achieve (your goal), why you want it (your leverage) and by what date you want your results by (your time frame).
The goal isn’t enough, when you get those moments where you know what you’re supposed to do to achieve your goal but you think ‘I don’t care anymore’ or ‘I can’t be bothered’. These internal arguments that everyone has going on inside themselves is just a form of self doubt, and self doubt kills results. It’s your leverage that pulls you back onto the right path before you blow out and the time frame that keeps you focused.
Anyway, I only have a few days left now until I’ve completed the whole thing. So far I’d recommend this detox to anybody who wants to lose weight healthily and easily within the next two weeks with the added bonus of feeling awesome!
Who’d have thought that detoxing could feel so simple eh? I look forward to posting my final results from the 14 days on Monday.
Healthy regards,
Giuseppe Di Credico
Revolution Personal Training London

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