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The Final Count Down

Welcome to the Revolution Personal Training Studios blog. As I enter the last few days of the 14 day liver detox that both Revolution and NutriClean have been running together, I have found myself amazed with how easy it has felt and in turn how quickly it seems to have flown.
Most people (including myself before we started to run this detox) think that the work detox means endless weeks of eating half a cucumber and basically mentally torturing yourself through some kind of crazy starvation plan. I can tell you now that if that was the case with this detox, I wouldn’t have even considered running it at the gym, let alone partaking in it myself. I’ve looked forward to each of my meals, not through a so hungry I’ll eat anything kinda way, but more like when you’re booked to go to a resturant and look forward to it all day because you know that the food is going to taste so good.
Yesterday I had for lunch salmon with quinoa tabouli and for dinner I had chilli chicken burgers. I also had breakfast and two snacks. Guess what, even with all this food my weight was down again!
Now that I’m in my 11th day of this plan, how is it effecting my training you may ask? Well I ran 10k of intervals yesterday in my fastest time in 2 years and my heart rate walking recovery (at the end) took under 90 seconds rather than the usual 150 seconds. This probably doesn’t mean a lot to most people, but in layman’s terms it means that because I’m a lot lighter on the scales I’m able to run faster with ease, because my liver has been cleared out of toxins it’s able to help recycle lactic back into energy more efficiently and because my energy levels are up and steady and my stimulants (such as caffeine) are low, my heart rate recovers faster after its had a push.
I’m due to take to the road on
my bike this evening. It will be interesting to see how I get on when testing my endurance on the hills of Kent after 11 days of detoxing my body.
If you’re interested in trying this detox plan yourself or for further information about what Revolution Personal Training can do to help you on your own health and fitness path, feel free to contact us:
Email: info@revolution-pts.com
Call: 0207 288 6121
Healthy regards,
Giuseppe Di Credico
Revolution Personal Training London

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