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Time To NutriClean Up My Act

Today I began the two week detox that Revolution Personal Training London have started running in conjunction with NutriClean.
I know what you’re thinking;
‘Oh, this old chestnut! Starve yourself for two weeks living of a diet of just tuna fish and water like Mr T. did when he decided to be a wrester for a brief stint’ (or words to that effect).
Well you’d be wrong! The whole point of this detox is health. Weight loss just happens to be a by product of that.
The idea is to give your body inside and out a rest from all the nutritional strains that it regularly gets placed under. Not just the obvious ones like alcohol and ice creams, but other hard to digest stuff like dairy and stimulants such as coffee.
I’m a relatively fit and healthy guy so why bother? Why go 14 days without a cheeky boiled egg? Why resist the dark nectar which comes in the form of a morning cappuccino? All just to give my gizzards a bit of a breather?! I’m embarking on this as an experiment and I’m looking forwards to the health benefits that this detox has to offer.
Here’s my personal favourites top four benefits that I’d love to receive over the next 14 days:
– Improved sleep
– Improved digestion
– Improved energy
– Weight loss
How have I prepared myself for the next two weeks?
The weekend just gone, apart from devouring loads of BBQd steaks and cooling off in the hot weather at a beer and ale festival. I chose the recipes that I liked the look of from the pack and went shopping, getting all the things that I’d need for the next few days worth of detoxing.
Then I labeled up my supplement bottles to make following what I’m meant to have and when much easier. Then made, measured and lunch boxed today’s food so I don’t need to think about it.
Simple really. So raise your green teas in hand to toast good health and wish me luck.
Giuseppe Di Credico
Revolution Personal Training London

Transform your body in 12 weeks with Personal training

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